How to “unhook” from Praise and Criticism

We are socialized from an early age to seek value outside ourselves. We crave praise and cringe when we are criticized. We take things personally. We feel like we always have to perform to a certain standard that we can never achieve. This limits our desire to take risks, fail forward, and grow.

In this session, you’ll learn the costs of being hooked to praise and criticism. You’ll learn how to stop looking outside yourself for validation. You’ll leave with tools to not take things personally, extract what is helpful from praise and criticism, remain unattached, and count on your inner resources for your sense of worthiness and what is right for you.

Yikes! I’ve been triggered. Now what?

We all have triggers that set off a “fight or flight” reaction, and sometimes the impact on us and on others is less than stellar. In this session, you’ll learn what your triggers are and how you react under stress. You’ll learn how you can self-manage in a helpful way that keeps you in connection to yourself and to others, all while staying connected to what’s important to you.

The Nine Ways of Leading: Using the Enneagram to Become A More Conscious, Intentional Leader

Everyone is a leader, regardless of title, role or position. How we show up as a leader is largely informed by our purpose, values and vision, which have their roots in our core motivations and worldview. The Enneagram is a powerful tool in helping us understand our core motivations and worldview – and that of others – so we can be more conscious and intentional about who we are as a leader and the impact that’s possible from that ground of being.

In this session, you will learn about the gifts and impact of Nine Ways of Leading. You will uncover your preferred Way of Leading based on what motivates you and what you pay attention to. You will learn how and when to leverage and share your leadership strengths that’s based in your Way of Leading. You will explore ways to invite your colleagues to embrace and express their Way of Leading to get clear on your shared purpose, connect and collaborate more effectively, and act courageously towards achieving your goals.