Services for Leaders and Teams

I help leaders and teams achieve outstanding results by envisioning, enacting and evolving their shared future.
I bring a partnering mindset, deep, insightful listening, and a creative, holistic approach to every engagement, with humor and a calming presence.


LEADERSHIP Development

Growing as a leader requires reflection, feedback, setting goals, and learning new mindsets and approaches to fulfill your purpose. Through training, coaching and consulting, I help you realize your potential, increase your impact, get better results, and increase your sense of balance and fulfillment.


Teams are a critical ingredient for large-scale efforts. To be successful, they need trust, a clear purpose, goals, roles and responsibilities, collaboration skills, and smooth processes. I help your team identify, address and enhance the aspects of team performance that are essential to your shared success.



I deliver single and multiple day workshops designed to help individuals and groups realize higher levels of connection, collaboration and community. Together we grow your emotional intelligence, help you understand and appreciate different worldviews, and learn how to have powerful conversations.



Understanding yourself and the motivations of those around you serves as the basis for deeper, more meaningful work and life relationships. I teach you how to use the Enneagram to connect and collaborate more effectively with others. I am certified in other assessments and can adapt my approach to your needs.


As an objective, neutral facilitator, I attend to the flow and progress of your meeting so you can focus on the content, listen deeply to others, and fully contribute to the conversation. I help you design your meeting for results. I then create a space for trust, fun, focus and engagement, ensuring that everyone’s voice is heard.



Individuals in the thick of a contentious situation can have difficulty understanding others’ points of view, focusing on what separates vs. what unites. I help people achieve a shared understanding of interests and resolution options. Everyone leaves with clear agreements and next steps towards resolution.


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