Rising Tide

A Leadership Development Program for Women in Business

“A rising tide lifts all boats”
- The New England Council


For business to evolve and thrive, the workplace needs diverse ideas and perspectives. We also need powerful, engaged leaders who can bring clarity, connection and courage to their work and their organizations.

Women represent 50% of the workforce in the U.S.  While we have seen much progress, women are still finding themselves less paid, less promoted and less regarded than their male counterparts, particularly in upper management levels. In this ever-volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world, we need 100% of our workforce fully engaged. That means creating environments where everyone contributes at their full capacity. This also means it is time for women to step fully into their power, be "response-able" in the face of social norms, and maximize their contribution and impact.

Enter Rising Tide

Rising Tide is a leadership development program that helps women professionals realize their power and potential and become even more influential in making a positive impact in their world.

Each interactive workshop focuses on a specific theme that addresses a dimension of leadership, personal growth and development, or practical application of leadership in the workplace. Through spirited conversation, guided activities, and mindful reflection, participants develop a unique, whole perspective of who they are as a leader and the powerful gifts they bring to the world. They learn how to leverage these gifts to make a greater impact through clear, connected, courageous, and compassionate leadership. As they do so, they become a key part of the tide that lifts all boats.

Rising Tide participants are able to:

  • Honor and leverage their unique leadership style

  • Lead from purpose, values and vision

  • Maximize their leadership potential

  • Unhook from praise and criticism, get in touch with their inner wisdom, and develop a strong sense of self-acceptance and self-authority

  • Move beyond the voices of their Inner Critic

  • Identify and replace socialized habits and limiting beliefs with practices that create a powerful leadership presence

  • Communicate powerfully, courageously and confidently

  • Recognize their reactive tendencies under stress, return to their centered self, and stay connected to themselves and others

  • Successfully navigate challenging conversations and emerge with powerful intersections

There are three ways to engage with Rising Tide:

  • Attend A Public Workshop- From time to time, I deliver select modules from the program to a broad, public audience. My upcoming session, "Communicating Powerfully", will be held in Portland on June 21 and is described above (register here). You can also catch this workshop at ACT-W in Portland.

  • Bring Rising Tide To Your OrganizationRising Tide can be delivered as an entire program or as a customized program consisting of one or more Rising Tide workshops. Contact me to explore options and your desired impact for your team.

  • Sign Up For Rising Tide Online- I am in the process of creating a multi-week, telepresence-based course targeted for the fall of 2019. Contact me if you are interested in attending this series.

Rising Tide Workshops

Rising Tide can be delivered as an entire program or as a customized program consisting of one or more workshops. Each workshop is 3 hours long or more.

Below is a description of each workshop. We can develop other workshops based on needs. Contact me to explore options and your desired impact for your team.


Everyone is a leader, regardless of title, role or position. How we show up as a leader is largely informed by our purpose, values and vision, which have their roots in our core motivations and worldview. The Enneagram is a powerful tool in helping us understand our core motivations and worldview – and that of others – so we can be more conscious and intentional about who we are as a leader and the impact that’s possible from that ground of being.

In this session, you will learn about the gifts and impact of Nine Ways of Leading. You will uncover your preferred Way of Leading based on what motivates you and what you pay attention to. You will learn how and when to leverage and share the leadership strengths associated to your Way of Leading. You will explore ways to invite your colleagues to embrace and express their Way of Leading to get clear on your shared purpose, connect and collaborate more effectively, and act courageously towards achieving your goals.


Acclaimed author Daniel Pink describes purpose as “The yearning to do what we do in service to something larger than ourselves”. Purpose is the fuel that propels us forward with focus and passion. It’s the intersection of our unique gift with what the world needs.

In this workshop, you will identify your unique, personal contribution to the world and the impact you will have when you turn that gift into action. You will articulate this in Purpose statement that fuels your commitment to what is important to you and can help guide and inspire your choices and actions as a leader. You will leave with a felt sense of what it’s like to Lead On Purpose.

Tap Into your Inner WiSDom

Many of us tend to look outside ourselves for worth, love and safety. To become truly creative leaders - leaders who serve our higher purpose and are unattached to what others think of us -  it is important to trust our own deep wisdom and chart our own path.

In this workshop, you will shine a light on and get acquainted with your inner resources.  You will leave knowing how to access those inner resources when you need guidance to make important decisions. You will feel more powerful, more confident, and more able to follow your leadership urges with discernment and wisdom.


The Leadership Circle Profile, developed by Robert Anderson and William Adams, is an industry standard, well-researched 360 tool which measures competencies highly correlated to leadership effectiveness and business results. They include how you achieve results, bring out the best in others, lead with vision, enhance your own development, act with integrity and courage, and improve organizational systems. Anderson and Adams have shown that women leaders typically have higher scores in these competencies than men. However, we often are not aware of our strengths and our impact.

In this workshop, you will receive 360 feedback to increase your awareness of your leadership strengths and you will explore ways to leverage those strengths. You will learn which of your reactive tendencies are a gift, and which are impeding your effectiveness. You will leave with a clear development plan to maximize your leadership potential.


We all have an Inner Critic – a voice that tells us that we’re good or bad, praises us when we’ve done something “right” and chastises us when we’ve done something “wrong”. It bombards us with lots of “should” and “shouldn’t” and “I wouldn’t do that if I were you” language.

The problem with the Inner Critic is that it holds us back from showing up fully, stepping into our power, and taking risks that are important to our growth.

In this workshop, you will get familiar with the voice and characteristics of your Inner Critic. You will learn about why we all have an Inner Critic and explore ways to “tame” your Inner Critic so you can be your big beautiful self. You will leave with confidence that you can recognize your Inner Critic when it shows up and deal with it in a constructive and liberating way.


We are brilliant. We kick ass. We’re knocking it out of the park with our amazing work. Now it’s time for us to give voice to how far we’ve come and to shine even more brightly. Communicating Powerfully is an experiential workshop that helps you get in touch with, and channel, your inner leader and learn “power-full” communication habits so you can amplify your impact in all your work relationships.

Drawing on research on gender, communication and power in the workplace, you will learn how to replace self-limiting beliefs, speech and writing habits with new mindsets, language and behavior that inspire clarity, connection and courage. You will gain insight on how body language can be used to communicate powerfully and confidently.  You will leave knowing how be more compelling and powerful in your written and spoken communications with everyone in your organization.

Join us for our next Rising Tide: Communicating Powerfully workshop on June 21, 2019! Click here for more details…


We are socialized from an early age to seek value outside ourselves. We crave praise and cringe when we are criticized. We take things personally. We feel like we always have to perform to a certain standard that we can never achieve. This limits our desire to take risks, fail forward, and grow.

In this workshop, you will learn the costs of being hooked to praise and criticism. You will stop looking outside yourself for validation. You will leave with tools to not take things personally, extract what is helpful from praise and criticism, remain unattached, and count on your inner resources for your sense of worthiness and what is right for you.


We all have triggers that set off a “fight or flight” reaction, and often the impact on our relationships is less than stellar. In this workshop, you will learn what your triggers are and how you react under stress. You will learn to question the underlying beliefs that lead you to have these reactions. You will  learn how to self-manage in a helpful way that keeps you in connection to yourself and to others, all while staying connected to what’s important to you.


Conflict and challenging conversations are inevitable but necessary. Many of us find it difficult to put things on the table. Some of us prepare and plunge into the difficult conversation and feel disappointed in the outcome. Others simply avoid the difficult conversation, which leads to even more trouble.

In this workshop, you will learn how to create a safe container of trust and support that is critical for navigating difficult conversations. You will learn how to express your point of view in a way that upholds the dignity of your conversation partner while clearly expressing your needs. You will learn how to defuse potentially contentious conversations and reach alignment. You will leave able to navigate challenging conversations with clarity, connection, courage and compassion.

For more information on Rising Tide call me at (971) 645-9059 or schedule a chat.