How We Work Together

I believe that leaders and teams possess innate knowledge of their potential for impact in their work and in the world. Sometimes all we need is to point our compass in a direction that inspires us - and those around us - to step up and be our best. Because when we're better together, amazing things happen. That's where I come in, and this is what you can expect:


We start by finding your north star...

Your North Star, your purpose, your "raison d'etre" - guides you in deciding where to focus your efforts and energy. I help you get back to basics and clearly articulate your “why” - your purpose, your values, and your unique contribution to your organization and to the world.


THEN we envision and plan A shared future...

Using a discovery process, I help you assess your effectiveness as a leader and as a team in relation to your North Star. Then, we create a powerful, inspiring vision of the impact you will have on others. We ground this vision in a plan that you can enact, track and sustain.



Once you've begun to enact your plan, I help you stay focused on your goals, engage and align team members to your shared purpose and vision, build trust, and cultivate productive, supportive relationships. We check in regularly to assess your impact and results.



As you enact your plan, you continue refining your approach based on what you learn about yourself, your team and your organization. I help you evolve your leadership, communication and collaboration approaches to take advantage of this learning. You develop and deepen relationships and improve your potential for impact.


practice makes perfect

Leadership and teaming takes practice. Experience is the greatest way to embed learning in our minds, hearts and bodies. We use experiments, projects and reflection practices to help you and your team identify what you are learning, adjust your plans, and build a cycle of continuous improvement. As you build Connection, Collaboration and Community, you achieve surprising results, including high levels of satisfaction, engagement and fulfillment.


The Impact Cycle

All 5 steps described above are part of what I call the Impact Cycle - the continuous cycle of Envisioning, Enacting and Evolving around your core purpose, and manifesting in higher degrees of Connection, Collaboration and Community. This leads to meaningful, lasting impact in your work and in the world.

My role as a leadership and team effectiveness coach is to shine a light on your path and help you stay on course, acting as your guide on your journey to becoming better together.

"All success is due to constancy of purpose." - Benjamin Disraeli

The Impact Cycle is a model that describes my approach to helping clients make meaningful, lasting impact in their work and in the world.

The Impact Cycle is a model that describes my approach to helping clients make meaningful, lasting impact in their work and in the world.


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