Leadership Coaching


“Efforts and courage are not enough without purpose and direction.” – John F. Kennedy

Why Have A Coach?

Whether you are leading a team, organization or wanting to show up as a leader in your own life, I can help you get clear on what that means for you, and how you can enhance your effectiveness and impact in your work and in your world. I help you align your efforts with your purpose and keep you moving in the right direction.

Through coaching you can greatly increase your self-awareness and understand the impact you have on others. You recall and reinforce your purpose as a leader and align your actions towards fulfilling your purpose. I accompany you on your journey as you identify key development opportunities, create realistic, actionable development goals, develop new mindsets and skills, address workplace challenges, and increase your impact.

Here are a few scenarios where my clients have found coaching to be particularly effective:

  • You want to take your leadership performance to the next level

  • Your organization is going through an intense period of change and/or growth

  • You are experiencing a lot of stress at home and at work

  • You are transitioning from one level of leadership to the next, and/or taking on additional responsibilities

  • You want a thought partner to help you address leadership challenges and brainstorm ways to boost your performance and satisfaction

What You Can Expect from Coaching

It's hard work to raise your game and become a more effective leader, both in your work and in your life. But the payoff for all the hard work you'll put in is more than worth it:

  • A better, deeper understanding of your gifts (and blind spots) and how you can bring your "A" game every day

  • Increased effectiveness as an organizational, team or personal leader

  • New and/or improved leadership skills including being authentic, having courageous conversations, and taking a big picture perspective

  • A deeper understanding and appreciation of others that leads to more effective connection, collaboration and sense of community

  • Improved relationships and results at work, at home and in your community

Coaching is a partnership that can lead to increased self-awareness and life-changing improvements in your professional and personal life.

Here's What Coaching Involves

Working with me as your coach is actually very simple. I follow a straightforward approach that gets us moving in the right direction and helps us make sure we are on track.

INitial Consultation

Before we dive into a full-on coaching program, we have a "get-to-know-you" chat to see if there is good fit between us. Our particular styles may or may not align in a way that you find helpful - and that's okay! I'm always happy to refer colleagues that may be a good fit for you. We explore your desired outcomes and possible approaches during a free initial consultation


After we design an alliance for how we'll work together, I help you identify initial coaching goals and discover more about yourself and how you are perceived, as well as what constitutes success in your organization.  We use The Enneagram, a leadership assessment, and 360-degree interviews to help you gain insight.


I help you envision a future where you have accomplished your coaching goals and fulfilled your potential. What does that look like? What does it feel like? What are you and others thinking, saying and doing differently? We explore these questions and design a development plan with concrete goals and measures. You enroll the people around you to help you with your development.


As you enact your plan, new ideas, opportunities and challenges emerge. These are perfect opportunities to practice new mindsets and behaviors.  We meet 1:1, usually twice a month, focusing on what is most salient to your journey.  I provide a confidential, creative space to explore who you want to be and how you can achieve what you want. I provide you with tools, information, tips, homework, and inquiries. 


As you deliver more and more value, we evolve your plan as needed. As we wrap up our work together, we celebrate what you've learned and what you've accomplished, and we develop a strategy for your continuous growth.

Monique Breault, MS Organization Development and Certified Professional Executive Coach.

Monique Breault, MS Organization Development and Certified Professional Executive Coach.

My Coaching Manifesto

I believe that people have an incredible ability and capacity for growth at every age in every chapter of this fantastic adventure called "life". I am committed to the growth, fulfillment and desired outcomes of my clients in all the phases of their journey.

I believe everything - professional and personal - starts with purpose. It guides how we feel, think and act in everything we do. I am committed to helping clients find their purpose - their North Star - and find ways to stay true to it.

I believe that people have everything they need to successfully navigate the waters of their professional and personal journey. I'm committed to helping them identify their inner and external resources to get there, and how to get out of their own way.

I believe that we all have access to information beyond what we can see, hear and touch. I am committed to helping clients develop the intuitive side of their leadership to better understand themselves and others through deep listening, compassion and empathy.

"Monique is an extraordinary listener, and it allows her to deeply connect with and assist people in their leadership journey. Her coaching provided me with practical tips and tools that helped me become a more self-aware and confident person. I highly recommend working with Monique." - Carolyn Cook, Global Transition Management Director, Nike

“I greatly enjoyed the executive coaching Monique provided me…I achieved increased self-understanding, which made a definite impact in my performance as a senior leader in my organization. ” - Daren A. Griffin, Director of Operations, Port of Portland

"Monique was an excellent Executive Coach for me and helped me increase my skills in leading others with very different personality traits. Monique was patient, funny and very professional which made the experience much more enjoyable than I was expecting." - Dylan Moxness, Talos Consulting


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