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Monique was instrumental in helping us create a more effective leadership team for our Management Consulting Practice in Portland. Monique conducted extensive pre-work with 4 senior leaders of our practice with varying tenures and experience levels and helped us quickly gain an understanding of each other and our preferences in the context of our leadership team. I have used many individual and team development tools and models (Myers-Briggs, Birkman, Insights, Round Pegg) but found the Enneagram and Monique’s understanding of it, the most practical and useful model I’ve ever worked with. Monique’s understanding of this model and her ability to interpret the findings and help coach us with practical interventions was very valuable to helping us build a more effective team. I highly recommend Monique Breault for anyone looking to increase their team’s effectiveness.
— Dylan Moxness, Talos Consulting
I think the most impactful accomplishment for effectiveness coaching is what happens after the coaching. In the case of the work Monique did for me, I grew into positions of greater authority and compensation. Monique’s approach is customized to what works for you and not from a series of textbook theories. The net effect is that real perspective and behavioral change occurs. For me, this has carried me on to greater opportunities - increasing my authority to a national level and doubling my salary in under five years.
— Beth Dupre, Managing Director and National Practice Leader, Marsh

Monique is an extraordinary listener, and it allows her to deeply connect with and assist people in their leadership journey. Her coaching provided me with practical tips and tools that helped me become a more self-aware and confident person. I highly recommend working with Monique.
— Carolyn Cook, Global Transition Management Director, Nike

Monique has a wonderful presence as a trainer and facilitator – providing needed information and structure, but allowing participants to take the lead in discovering their own insights. The workshop she led was insightful, professional, and fun! I couldn’t recommend Monique more highly.
— Nicki Pozos, Cofounder and Board Member at Women Leading Water

I greatly enjoyed the executive coaching Monique provided me…I achieved increased self-understanding, which made a definite impact in my performance as a senior leader in my organization.
— Daren A. Griffin, Director of Operations, Portland Oregon International Airport

Monique provided a caring yet disciplined learning environment that enabled me to take my leadership skills to the next level. Through careful observation and listening, she helped me capitalize on my strengths, develop tactics for putting my shortcomings at bay. I am grateful to Monique for helping me become the more inclusive and decisive leader I am today.
— Nancy Kelley, Executive Director, The Nature Conservancy on Long Island

Monique’s ability to collaborate professionally is exceptional. She is thoughtful, thorough, proactive and transparent as a business partner, and is genuinely a pleasure to work with.
— Kevin Osborne, Waldron

Monique’s supportive coaching has made me a stronger, more confident leader. She has helped me use the Enneagram to increase self-awareness and to better identify the motivations behind actions, mine and others.
— Bridget Cooke, Adelante Mujeres

Monique is an extremely talented Organization and Change professional. She is a master in organization design, project planning, change management, executive coaching, and communications planning.
— Michael Belki, BAE Systems