Be Better Together

Monique Breault Leadership Coaching


What Gets Me Up In The Morning?

Each of us is on a quest for something meaningful in our lives. For some it's  a healthy and happy family. For others it's to leave a lasting impact in the world. This quest - our purpose - shapes how we think, feel and act every minute of every day. I help you  get clear on your purpose, find your north star and develop a plan to fulfill it. 


How Do I Develop My "A" Game? 

Developing your "A" game involves aligning your purpose and values to the greater system, discovering and unlocking your inner and outer resources, and performing consistently at a high level. I work with you to develop and bring your "A" game every day to make a lasting and meaningful impact in your work and in the world.


How can my team be greater than the sum of its parts?

You've worked hard to assemble a group of talented, highly-skilled individuals in pursuit of a common goal. Now it's time for you to learn how to amplify each others' efforts to make an outsized contribution and impact. I help teams learn how to leverage one another's  strengths and leverage their diversity to accomplish their common goal.  

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Where Do I Start?

You've already started - the moment you started exploring what you're about, how to improve as a leader or individual contributor, or how you can help create a high-performing team. You just took your first steps on the path to greater fulfillment and contribution in your work and in the world.  Let's map out your journey together - call me at (971) 645-9059, email me at or schedule an appointment to map out your next steps.