The Impact Cycle

My approach begins with the end in mind - how you and your team want to have a greater impact, and as a result, achieve greater satisfaction and fulfillment in your work as well as stronger relationships. We achieve this together with what I call the Impact Cycle:



Using a discovery process, I help you identify what’s important to you and assess your leadership and/or your team’s effectiveness. I help you create a powerful, inspiring vision of the impact you and/or your team want to have in your organization. I then work with you to create an actionable plan.


Once you've begun to enact your plan, I help you you stay focused on your goals, engage and align team members to your purpose and vision, and cultivate productive, supportive relationships. We'll check in regularly to understand the impact your actions are having on your business and personal goals.


As you enact your plan, you continue refining your approach based on what you learn about yourself, your team and the organization. I help you evolve your leadership, communication and collaboration styles to take advantage of this learning. You'll increase your self-awareness, adapt to different motivations and communication styles, and be more fulfilled in your role.