Leading on Purpose

Acclaimed author Daniel Pink describes purpose as “The yearning to do what we do in service to something larger than ourselves”. Purpose is the fuel that propels us forward with focus and passion. It’s the intersection of our unique gift with what the world needs.

In this interactive and uplifting session, you will identify your unique, personal contribution to the world and the impact you will have when you turn that gift into action. You will articulate this in Purpose statement that fuels your commitment to what is important to you and can help guide and inspire your choices and actions as a leader. You will leave with a felt sense of what it’s like to Lead On Purpose.

Communicating Powerfully

We are brilliant. We kick ass. We’re knocking it out of the park with our amazing work. Now it’s time for us to give voice to how far we’ve come and to shine even more brightly. Communicating Powerfully is an experiential workshop that helps you get in touch with, and channel, your inner leader and learn “power-full” communication habits so you can amplify your impact in all your work relationships.

Drawing on research on gender, communication and power in the workplace, you will learn how to replace self-limiting speech and writing habits with new language and behavior that inspire clarity, connection and courage. You will gain insight on how body language can be used to communicate powerfully and confidently.  You will leave knowing how be more compelling and powerful in your written and spoken communications with everyone in your organization.

Inner Critic Be Gone!

We all have an Inner Critic – a voice that tells us that we’re good or bad, praises us when we’ve done something “right” and chastises us when we’ve done something “wrong”. It bombards us with lots of “should” and “shouldn’t” and “I wouldn’t do that if I were you” language.

The problem with the Inner Critic is that it holds us back from showing up fully, stepping into our power, and taking risks that are important to our growth.

In this session, you will get familiar with the voice and characteristics of your Inner Critic. You will learn about why we all have an Inner Critic and explore ways to “tame” your Inner Critic so you can be your big beautiful self. You will leave with confidence that you can recognize your Inner Critic when it shows up and deal with it in a constructive and liberating way.