What's Your Superpower?


Each of us has a set of skills and competencies that we bring to a team, and a unique superpower. Are you leveraging your own superpower? How about those of your teammates? The power of collaboration and high performance lies in leveraging each team member’s superpower. 

There are many ways to identify the gifts people bring to teams. One is through the lens of the Enneagram, a powerful system that helps us understand others’ motivations. (See my Enneagram page for more information.)

Below is a list of the motivations of each type and the superpower they bring to a team.  Do you recognize yourself on this list? How about your teammates?

Screen Shot 2017-09-24 at 11.31.34 AM.png

Here are some things you can do to leverage your own and others’ superpowers.


  • Notice what you pay attention to and what motivates you (see the table above). Is it harmony? Fun? Control? Security? 
  • Which of the superpowers above most resembles what you think, say and do? 
  • Over the next week, during meetings, pay close attention to your team members’ words, moods and actions. What seems to motivate them? What do they contribute to the team in terms of task (getting stuff done) and relationship (being connected and cohesive)?


  • What can you do to bring out more of your own and others' superpowers?

Discuss and appreciate

  • Look for opportunities to offer your superpower to your team.
  • Share your superpowers with one another. Discuss what you can do to help maximize everyone’s superpowers when the team collaborates, solves problems, and makes decisions.
  • Appreciate your teammates for their superpower. Be specific! Tell them what they do, how it makes you feel, and the positive impact it has on the team and the team's results. 



Monique Breault