Team Effectiveness Coaching


"If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together." - Patricia Quigley Stonesifer

What Is Team Effectiveness Coaching?

Teams are critical for large-scale efforts. To be successful, they need trust, a clear purpose, goals, roles and responsibilities, collaboration skills, the right tools, and smooth processes. I help your team identify, address and enhance the aspects of team performance that are essential to your shared success. 

Via interviews and/or online surveys with stakeholders, I help you identify your team’s strengths and opportunity areas. We co-create plans to leverage your team’s strengths and address challenge areas to take your performance to an even higher level. I also facilitate powerful, results-oriented team meetings and offsites.

Here are a few scenarios that suggest your team could benefit from Team Effectiveness Coaching:

  • Your team is newly formed and you need to figure out how to work together
  • You've been together for a long time and are stuck in a rut
  • Your team is performing and delivering well but you know you can kick it up a notch
  • You are uncertain about how to deal with conflict between your employees
  • Your leadership team is struggling to work together
  • Your're about to face a big re-org and you need to keep your team focused, energized and productive
  • You want to deliver better results faster, and with less churn and stress

What You Can Expect from Team Effectiveness Coaching

You've worked hard to hire the right people with the right skill sets and experience. Now your job is to make the whole greater than the sum of the parts and help your team achieve outsized results. Here are some results you can expect from Team Effectiveness Coaching:

  • Alignment regarding your team's shared purpose and vision, clear goals, and plans to achieve those goals
  • Appreciation of each others' personalities/work styles, leading to better collaboration and productivity
  • Clear working agreements between team members based on your team's values 
  • Clear roles and responsibilities, boundaries and performance expectations
  • Agreed-upon and well understood decision-making and problem-solving processes
  • Improved communication skills and processes, including giving and receiving feedback and resolving conflict
  • An environment of continuous improvement and learning
  • Stronger relationships and outstanding results

How Is Team Effectiveness Coaching Done?

Team Effectiveness Coaching can take a variety of forms. I generally follow a four-phase process that ensures we are designing a program that aligns to what you and your team are hoping to accomplish.


I start by looking at how your team is currently performing towards achieving your purpose and goals. This is usually a survey and a series of conversations with the team leader, team members and external stakeholders. Based on this information, I create and present a summary report with recommendations on what would help the team perform more effectively. I also work 1:1 with the team leader.


Using the information from the Discover phase, I co-design a workshop (or a series of workshops) with you to address your team's opportunities and challenges. I am trained and certified in a number of tools and training methodologies, including the Team Performance Model, The Enneagram, and the Prosci Change Management process, among others. Together we select the approach and topics that work best for you and your budget.


Once we have agreed on a design, I develop the agenda, content, presentation materials, job aids, and team activities required to facilitate open, authentic conversations and skill-building during the workshop(s). Depending on your interest, I co-create this content and material as a way to deepen our partnership and ensure that the workshop is relevant to your team and culture.


I deliver training, facilitate conversations and conduct small group and 1:1 activities that are engaging, informative and fun. Depending on the size of the team and the scope of the agenda, I may bring in other team coaches to make sure we have a manageable coach-participant ratio. After the workshop, I am available to provide ongoing coaching. 

This is me delivering a fun and engaging Enneagram workshop in Portland, Oregon in October 2016.

This is me delivering a fun and engaging Enneagram workshop in Portland, Oregon in October 2016.


I believe that we live, work and exist in community and that our personal and professional success depends on our connection to each other and how effectively we collaborate towards making our work - and our world - better. I am committed to helping clients connect, collaborate and maintain community in their work and in the world.

I believe that we function at our best in an environment where we have Autonomy , we experience a feeling of Belonging, and we feel we are making and being recognized for our Contribution. I am committed to helping leaders and teams build environments that foster Autonomy, Belonging, and Contribution.

I believe that powerful, innovative results come from sharing and respecting diverse ideas, perspectives and approaches. I am committed to helping people seek, honor and make the most of the diversity that exists among their customers, stakeholders, and inside their own organizations.

“Monique has a wonderful presence as a trainer and facilitator – providing needed information and structure, but allowing participants to take the lead in discovering their own insights. The workshop she led was insightful, professional, and fun! I couldn’t recommend Monique more highly.” - Nicki Pozos, Marketing Leader and Co-Founder at Women Leading Water

"Monique is an exceptional coach and leader. She is very grounded in reality yet can map and lead to the higher potential path for results. She is a joy to work with." - Sylvia Dolena, Director at Winning Edge University, LLC

"Monique was instrumental in helping us create a more effective leadership team for our Management Consulting Practice in Portland. Monique conducted extensive pre-work with 4 senior leaders of our practice with varying tenures and experience levels and helped us quickly gain an understanding of each other and our preferences in the context of our leadership team....Monique’s understanding of the Enneagram and her ability to interpret the findings and help coach us with practical interventions was very valuable to helping us build a more effective team. I highly recommend Monique Breault for anyone looking to increase their team’s effectiveness." - Dylan Moxness, Talos Consulting



Give your team the opportunity to be greater than the sum of its parts. Call me at (971) 645-9059 or schedule an initial consultation with me to explore ways we can take your team's performance to the next level.